Two Pence believes in The Trident:

Performance * Education * Training


Two Pence offers regular professional training and K-12 education programs throughout the year and considers them to be equal parts of our professional season.


Upcoming Professional Training Events


We're honored to share Artistic Director Tom Wells with The Acting Studio throughout the year as he enters his final year of studies as a Designated Linklater Voice Teacher Trainee. Tom will be one of the first professional voice teachers to study with Kristen Linklater in her new Orkney Islands, Scotland studios this summer - catch him while he's still stateside this winter!



Voice & MovementThe Human Instrument with Tom Wells


This course is based on Kristin Linklater’s methodology laid out in her book Freeing the Natural Voice. Work will focus on becoming aware of personal physical/psychological blocks that inhibit the human instrument, and then removing those blocks. Through group floor and on-your-feet work, demonstration and exercises students will begin to establish, register, and free their connection to breath, develop resonance and explore range, learn to release jaw, tongue, and throat tensions and build vocal strength.


Explore, discover, and reveal the depth of your own vibrant human instrument. 
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Students will:
- Increase Physical Awareness
- Deepen Relaxation & Breath Awareness
- Increase Awareness of Vibrations and their Amplifications
- Free and Open the Channel for Sound
- Explore Resonance and Articulation
- Connect Emotions, Impulses and Thought to Sound
- Increase Vocal Range 
- Deepen Emotional Range
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The course is designed for all levels of theatrical experience from Novice to Industry Professional.


limited to 12 students


6 WEEKS- $295

Sundays 1:00-3:30pm

begins Jan. 12th





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