Our Mission

TWO PENCE THEATRE COMPANY provides the Chicago area with intimate and dynamic experiences of Shakespeare and other artists inspired by the principles of the Renaissance, illuminating what it means to be human.

Our Vision

To build in Chicago a Classical Theatre Performance, Training, and Educational Center focused on helping people discover, share and harness the unique power of the Early Modern era's truly inventive artistic environment. This unique era allowed William Shakespeare to become the most produced, influential, and sublime playwright of our time.

When actors and students experience Shakespeare's plays on their feet in a collaborative and non-judgmental environment, they create a theater which is a Sacred Space for all to reveal, witness, and experience their own humanity, divinity, and personal power. By encouraging company members and participants to be authors of their own experience, TWO PENCE inspires artists to use their own voices as revolutionary influence amongst all peoples, allowing words and deeds to resonate.

As an organization, TWO PENCE will encourage a standard of positive and conscious action, making us a lighthouse in our community, a beacon that encourages all to examine our shared experience on this earth. TWO PENCE strives to help people discover their own understanding of the universal truths and stories of the past and use their present words and actions to create sacred and profane works of art for the future.


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