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Latest News

Women Beware Women is into it’s fourth full week of rehearsal! Tickets are moving so don’t miss out! (more here)

Rehearsals have begun! Tickets now on sale for Women Beware Women (more here)

We only have until MIDNIGHT on JULY 1st to make our matching goal. Can you help? (more here)

Shake Wars is THIS SUNDAY the 22nd and Darth Hamlet needs you there! (more here.)

We’re over 1/2 way to our Matching Challenge Goal but we need your help before June 15th!(more here)

We made you a Matching Marathon Monday  Video (tip of the hat to our friends in Boston!)Watch it here (more)

Two Pence has been Challenged! To do what? To raise 7 grand! Who challenged us? Find out here! (more)

Like supporting and creating art in your community? Like our style? TWO PENCE is currently expanding our Board of Directors. Contact kathryn@twopencetheatre.org for more information.

Want to get involved? Email tom@twopencetheatre.org with your inquiry, resume or ideas!